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I have dreamt of reliving moments experienced on stage, Petra Fur and Curly Powder talking while lying on the floor, a SilverGold concert in a deserted theatre and characters from another world. The cabaret calls upon forgotten, rejected and resisting forms, which is why I feel like we belong here. Ballet is an immersion into how stories are made, a wild, manifold and clapped-out carnival, like some sort of huge masquerade. Brass band please!

Directed, concept & dance Marie-Caroline Hominal

Starring guests for the interludes

Petra Fur & Curly Powder / Dialogue I et II Concept & Voice over : Heleen Treichler & MCH
SilverGold Concept music & lyrics: Samuel Pajand & MCH
Ass Town Redux Concept, directed & text : Rudi van der Merwe & MCH
Tropical Jayne Ivan Blagajcevic
Moonwalk Flynn Maria Bergmann (fest Cité Lausanne 2015)
Carmen Véronique Rapin (fest Cité Lausanne 2015)
The Band Sandro Rossetti, Ludovic Lagana, Andrew Fluckiger
Drummer Nicolas Field (Bâtie, Genève 2014) Raphael Bovey (fest Cité Lausanne 2015)
Light Christophe Bollondi
Sound preproduction Voix Off Clive Jenkins
Sound and light engineering Christophe Egea
Work residency Arsenic (Lausanne), Studio 44 / Gilles Jobin et Studio de l’ADC Genève
Coproduction Bâtie festival de Genève (2014)
Production MadMoiselle MCH association – Genève
Partners Ville de Genève, Loterie Romande, République et canton de Genève, Corodis

Creation 29 & 30 Aug. 2014 at festival La Bâtie – Geneva
09 -10-11 July 2015 Festival de la Cité-Lausanne (CH)©Isabelle-Meister-copie-2-1300x894.jpg

Photo: Isabelle Meister