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Yaksu Exit Number 9

Yaksu Exit Number 9


« Are you scared of death ? No, we are eternal »  Heleen Treichler

In a sparkling and decadent universe, Marie-Caroline Hominal invites Heleen Treichler to join her on stage. There they meet and move like circus animals: dressed up poodles or felines that have become too docile, they perform in an explosive show before finding themselves as if in a cage, and the varnish flakes off.

Two women – two stars, from stage to backstage, including a press conference. Everything has to sparkle. After all, showbiz – a barely distorting mirror of a world in full degeneration – is a great celebration, and they are its goddesses.

We question them and they answer. Arrogant and detached at the same time. Everything is addressed: garlic spaghetti, Deleuze, death, high heels, world hunger, sex, drugs, art, God. After all, what are words for, apart from revealing a monstrous emptiness? Everything is for sale, everything can be bought, everything can be consumed, everything’s a spectacle.

The two stars are nothing but mechanical dolls, automatons that act repeatedly to fill an unbearable void. Imprisoned in boredom that nothing will change, not even getting high. They sniff meringue powder as we witness the violence of this sweet decomposition.

Nausea is not far away. We are on a knife edge, on the edge of the precipice. Will they fall? It doesn’t matter. It’s all an illusion. Yaksu Exit Number 9.

Anouk Fürst

Concept & Choreography Marie-Caroline Hominal

Performance Heleen Treichler (création) in alternance with Maud Liardon & MCH

Text Heleen Treichler & Marie-Caroline Hominal

Music Clive Jenkins

Light Fabrice Minazzi

Costume tailoring Dominique Mattenet

Costume design Janet Held & MCH

Production MadMoiselle MCH-Genève
Administration Yvan Barbafieri
Studio SüdPol Lucern & MottaTom Genève & Studio 44-Gilles Jobin cie


Creation 8-28 March 2010 at Théâtre de l’Usine – Geneva
21 May 2010Festival Un pas de trop – Mons (BE)
9 June 2010 
festival Latitudes Contemporaines – Lille (FR)
22 sept. 2010
festival Latitudes Contemporaines – Brussels (BE)
2-3 July 2010 Festival Dies de Dansa – Barcelona (ES)
6-8 April 2011 Théâtre Arsenic – Lausanne (CH)
6 May 2011 Festival EviDanse – Porrentruy (CH)
20 Oct. 2011 La Piscine Univ-Littoral – Dunkerque (FR)©dorothée-thébert-10-copie-1300x867.jpg

Photo: DorothŽée ThéŽbert Filliger©dorothée-thébert-04-copie-600x900.jpg

Photo: DorothŽée ThŽébert Filliger©R.Hominal-2-copie-1200x900.jpg

Photo: R.Hominal