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Voice Over

Voice Over

Solo for 15 mics and a popcorn machine

Requiem for an it-girl

Fly girl has given up the fight in the “enchanted circle”. Like Icarus, she burned her wings trying to reach the sun. Disillusioned, she knows that the mountains of sweet snow in Yaksu Exit Number 9 won’t get anyone high anymore. MCH is once again alone on stage for the last opus of her trilogy. A silent and disturbing sphinx, she lies languidly next to a popcorn machine. Then she crawls back up again.

A new transformation – carmine dress and golden hair – and the whirlwind starts again in a last twist before the agony. MCH gets lost in an unhealthy zapping, where identity is nothing but a decoy, where everything transforms. Exposed, it empties itself of its substance. The only other presence in her solitary world, pitched voices, are nothing but extensions of her own identity that bursts out. Decomposition. She no longer exists. Madness sets in, irreversible. She dances for these faceless, immaterial voices, dying of love and then saving her lover from Death. MCH in a lascivious dance, and redemption in the world of MCH. The only thing that remains is the radiant popcorn machine that mechanically vomits its overflow onto a devastated world.

Anouk Fürst, 26.11.2010

Conception, choregraphy & interpretation Marie-Caroline Hominal
Sound processing and music Clive Jenkins
Recorded music Adolphe Adams
Light Clive Jenkins
Production MadMoiselle MCH-Genève
Production Gabor Varga
Administration Yvan Barbafieri
Support of Ville de Genève, Etat et République de Genève, Pro-Helvetia – Fondation pour la Culture, Pour-Cent culturel Migros, Fondation Nestlé pour l’Art
Coproduction Théâtre de l’Usine, CCN de Belfort dans le cadre de l’accueil studio
Partners Fonds des programmateurs/Reso-Réseau – Danse Suisse; Théâtre Sévelin – Lausanne ; Festival Evidanse – Jura ; Théâtre de l’Usine – Genève ; Tanzhaus Wasserwerk – Zurich. Residency at fest. Tanz Im August – Berlin, Théâtre de l’Arsenic – Lausanne

Creation 12 to 15 January 2011 at Festival Particules – Geneva
3 March 2011 Atelier Culture, La Piscine – Dunkerque (FR)
9-10 March 2011 Festival Printemps de Sévelin-Lausanne (CH)
7 May 2011 Festival éviDanse – Porrentruy (CH)
20 May 2011 Festival Extra-Bonieu – Annecy (FR)
9 June 2011 Festival Latitudes Contemporaines – Lille (FR)
29 Sept. 2011 Festival Latitudes Contemporaines – Brussels (BE)
11-12 Nov. 2011 Gipfelstürmer-Gessnerallee – Zürich (CH)
15 Dec. 2011 Made in swiss Festival – St-Etienne (FR)

Photo: DorothŽée ThŽébert Filligerée-Thébert.jpg

Photo: Dorothée Thébert