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Hôtel Oloffson

Hôtel Oloffson


Although I had never seen him before, when I saw this extraordinary being of light and magnetism I could only exclaim, “Soyez le bienvenu; comme vous êtes charmant!” […] Lying here on my bed at the Negresco, I try to analyse this thing that they call memory.“
[in “My Life”, by Isadora Duncan]©mch-1300x731.jpg

Photo: mch

Conception, Video & Performance Marie-Caroline Hominal

Duration 20 min, one person at a time, taking place in a hotel room

7,8,9,February 2013 at Hôtel Basilisk, during the Swiss Dance Days – Basel (CH)

October 25 & 26 2013 at gallery Coullaud-Koulinsky during FIAC, in the context of the exhibition “Corps en Œuvres” curated by Maria Carmela Mini – Paris (FR)