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Sugar Dance

Sugar Dance

In creation, 27 October -1st November ADC Geneva

Marie-Caroline Hominal is on stage with eight performers of different talents composing an intergenerational microcosm. Dancers, but also musicians, singers and actors constitute a troupe, of which Sugar Dance reveals the backstage a few hours before performing.

Photo: Lukas Beyeler

A piece by Marie-Caroline Hominal

With Sophie Ammann,Ivan Blagajcevic, Roberto Garieri, Marie-Caroline Hominal, Caroline Lam, Samuel Pajand, Sandro Rossetti, Stylez’c aka Stalamuerte, Véronique Valdès

27th October-1st Nov. 2020 Premiered at the Pavillon de la Danse, Geneva
19th-22th Nov. 2020 Arsenic – Lausanne©Emilie-Marron-1200x900.jpg

Photo: Emilie Marron